Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on

Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 7.30pm

Exhibition Hall, Cannington Exhibition Centre & Showgrounds.

The AGM is an opportunity for members to meet with the Committee and talk about how the Society should proceed in the future. An organisation such as ours relies upon its membership for support and practical help to present the Canning Show and other activities. Your attendance at the AGM will provide encouragement to move ahead.

Please note that we no longer automatically send out copies of the Annual Report and minutes of the AGM. These documents are now available on our website. If you request a hardcopy we are happy to post one to you.

If you have items of general business you wish the meeting to consider, please contact Executive Officer Dianne before the day of the meeting so she can arrange the agenda.

If you are unable to attend, an apology will be recorded to show your continued interest in the Society.

Your attendance at this meeting is welcomed.